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Human beings have a basic need for space, buildings and familiar places which help to remember what their lives were and how they are changing, old spaces, neighborhoods and landscapes serve as a reference point that establish a stable image of our environment and our lives.

These spaces represent "the known" and depending on their characteristics will become the subject or the object of change that will make possible the adaptation to new uses, many times different for which they were created. The untapped or underutilized architectural and urban space is our object of study and is an asset to take advantage for promoting reuse.

These areas have to be revitalized rethinking them as an integral concept, in REARQUITECTURA the space is reclaimed and new environments that produce experiences are created. To reuse the space based in the reinterpretation of the past we become part of our future.


Prol. Sauces 2701, Granjas de Atoyac
Puebla, Pue. 72400

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